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Pet Boarding Services

We look after your pets in our home. 

This service is ideal for dogs.


It is best for a dog to stay with a pet sitter at the sitters own home.


The dogs are boarded on a one to one basis with an experienced pet sitter, the dogs settle quickly doing things they would do in their own homes.

The boarded dogs are on holiday and receive that special care and attention, the dogs return home to their owners happy and relaxed.


The owners provide the food, toys, bedding, and any medication your dog may need due to illness.


Experienced carers administer any medication, should your poorly dog require it.

All pets that come into our care are monitored by our qualified caring staff.

Once the dog has had a sniff around he will settle very quickly.

Please note all Pets Boarded by Pet Paws must be treated for fleas, tic's, etc. Pet Paws accepts no liability or responsibility for pets who have not been treated, all owners must ensure that pets are treated before boarding. Pet Paws advise that small pets such as rabbits etc are vaccinated. All payments must be made in advance of contract commencing. If contracts are cancelled during the contract visits, no refunds can be given.

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