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Pet Sitting Services

We look after your pets in their own home. 

This service is ideal for cats and small animals.

Green Eyed Cat

The pet does not suffer the stress of travelling and staying in a strange environment, it is in its own home, with familiar smells and sounds, and its own bed/couch to sleep on.

cat 3.jpg

We will come and feed your pet, give lots of love and attention, change litter trays, ensure your home is secure, removing milk bottles, post, closing/open curtains, leaving lights on, water plants, put rubbish bags out, when you return to your home your pet/pets will be relaxed and contented.

cat 7.jpg

Once the clients have used our service they know that they can go away on a regular basis knowing there pets are safe, and the home is secure.

It is recommended that all cats are neutered and microchipped.

Please note all Pets Boarded by Pet Paws must be treated for fleas, tic's, etc. Pet Paws accepts no liability or responsibility for pets who have not been treated, all owners must ensure that pets are treated before boarding. Pet Paws advise that small pets such as rabbits etc are vaccinated. All payments must be made in advance of contract commencing. If contracts are cancelled during the contract visits, no refunds can be given.

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