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Pet Psychologist

We have a fully qualified animal psychologist to ensure the happiness of your pets and help with behavioural problems.


Pet Psychologist.

My Role:
Is to establish a balanced calm Owner and Pet. We all love our Animals/Pets very much and no matter how hard you try, your Pets are still displaying behaviour problems.

Animal Psychology can be and is complicated to say the least, frustration annoyance anger all add to your Pets behaviour.

My role is to show you how to correct misbehaviour or habits in the household or out in public that causes anger and frustration towards your Pet, help is always on hand and most behaviour problems can be identified and resolved. 

My mission is to help you to identify and guide you through a simple re-programming technique designed for your pet. I hear many stories of owners becoming fed up and having to resort to taking drastic actions, namely euthanasia because owners have lost patience.

My Objectives:
I firstly look at what is causing the problems with your pet. I look at any Medical problems or if the Pet is suffering with any illness that would cause the behaviour, all domestic Animals have to be monitored regarding Diet, checking on your Pets diet is essential for an healthy pet.


If your pet is unwell or in pain that would cause all sorts of problems, and advise that Veterinary intervention to help with the physical condition of your Pet. This would teach your pet to think rather than reacting to things, I teach you how to lower your pets stress levels, I teach the art of structure in the "Pack Mentality".


Pet Behaviour modification plans are individually designed. Pet negative training methods can cause both physical and emotional harm to your pet, I use tried and trusted and proven positive animal psychology methods.

I will clarify all instructions between you and your pet, the bond between owners and pets can be damaged if the communication from the owner to the pet is not clear, the plan will be clear and concise, you will be given backup support and guidance on how to implement the behaviour modification plan so you need not be concerned on what to do next, the pet modification methods are based on years of experience dealing with a variety of animals.

Behaviour Problem Solutions:

Dealing with Firework Therapy, Obedience, Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Lead walking, Aggressive House Behaviour, etc.

We train most animals/pets and owners to recondition there animals, and stop bad behaviour, we deal with all animals, horses, cats, dogs, birds, etc,.

Most animals adopt the owners stresses and anxiety, it also deals with the owners way of training their pets, if owners do not give clear guidelines and boundaries the pet/animals will adopt bad habits and behaviour

Animal/Pet Firework Therapy:

Bonfire nights coming around with other Festivities. So preventing your pets from being scared and panic stricken when they hear the fireworks going off.

To prevent your pets from being nervous and frightened when the fireworks are set off. Contact Martin at Pet Paws with his Animal/Pet Psychology tapes and discs combined with his Animal/Pet Psychology consultation.


This course will resolve your pets issues with the bangs and cracks of fireworks. Your pets will become calm and settled.
The Animal/Pet Firework Tapes or Discs can be sold separately.

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